Monday, March 29, 2010

Disgaea 2: The Dark Hero Days Tips and Tricks

Fastest way to Leveling up a high level character and an easy drop of big chunks of money:

" Always save before battling "

for lvl 11+ characters:
  • finish first Chapters 1-4
  • passed at least 2 or 2+ (if higher lvl) of the more expensive items at dark assembly
  • equip your character with high stat items
  • return to Chapter 4 or stage 4
    >>>Axel's Scheme (Dallos River)
    >>Stage 4-3: Red Waterfall
  • level up your enemies
  • also always have a mage/healer as a supporter at the back of the character
note 1:as they increase in level, they increase their strength, and their hp cap but they do not increase their current hp. So in relation, they are only a one hit K.O. if you attacked them in higher level

note 2:If there is no mage/ healer. This is only good for higher levels, not at levels of 15 and down

ps: this needs lots of patience. I had done this with Adell at lvl 97 vs the tomboyish cats lvl 200 something. I had killed them one-by-one using soaring fire. And yeah do kill their own kind (friendly fire XD).

For newly lvl 1 characters:

Finished playing Disgaea 2: The Dark Hero Days

Yeap just like what you had read at my title. Yesterday the final battle ended by me (Adell) finishing off Overlord Zenon who had transformed just from the beginning of the battle. Or that's what he called as his own real name. The true Overlord Zenon is the one sealed within the inside of Princess (formerly as if) Rozalin. Just like what I had said, I finished it in just 4 days. Surprisingly there's an Axel adventure after that game just like what they had on Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness who's the next adventure is Etna. But enough of that part, let's continue. After knowing the real Overlord, well it did end up with a smooch ending :P

Adell: "Believe in this"
*picture of them kissing (the princess is shocked)

I did end up having Adell as Lvl 110, the fire mage 60+, Healer mage Lvl 43, Rozain Lvl 41, Taro 60 and others with lower levels. Adell almost got killed and my finishing blow is surprisingly Taro, the wussy little brother of Adell. I leveled up Taro from Lvl 6-60 in just 1 hour. That's all! :D

My Neobux

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disgaea 2

Yesterday, I got my Disgaea 2 by using an "ad hoc file transfer" (google it if you want to use it for transferring files of psp to psp) from a friend. So I want to finish the game as early as possible! ^^ I going on to be in an addict-mode raaaaaah! hehe :P so maybe I could finish this 4 days from now O.O if possible. Yeah some of the graphics are better when they are at Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. They should retain some and there are also good sides like jumping and somewhat 3d but not really a 3d when they are in story mode. Also, i must not forgot that the entrance theme is good! although they're in Japanese song. That's all folks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yeap, maybe you would like to ask why do i created a blog about this one. Basically i want to make money while having fun at blogging. Well I still do live at my parents' house. I going to place it on my site soooooooon. Long eh? I got no breaks in my school. Better to increase my money. Ok enough of that and let's go back to our topic.

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Happy money-making guys! ;D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSP)

Hey guys! I just had finished playing my continuation of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions today after 4 months (well this is the last time that I played, though). Want to know why? I used cheat XP, well I'm only after the storyline not the game ^^ well it went well and all but I do hate Delita for having to manipulate people around him. Guess what happened? He died in the end, thanks from Ovelia =] So it did somewhat justified for what I/Ramza did to save people from the Evil deeds of the Devils. I do want to watch the animations over and over again hehe...

For those interested in that cheat, well cwcheats are good. It was only transferred by my friend to me just two weeks ago. So thanks to him, I had completed the storyline.

Oh where did i got stuck? Well, i was fighting Weigraf (spellling?) at chapter 3. He did died at my sword at 1st round (used all the best equips and changed job to knight6 from samurai1 for Ramza. I also need the luck of creating an ice above his head so that would die first). At the 2nd round if I did got lucky, I used my best characters but all of us would inevitably get killed in action because the enemy had high stats and humongous monsters... *sigh...... but luckily, with the aid of cheat I killed the boss in 2 hits =]]using only Ramza in a dark knight job (job cheat also ^^)

Naruto Chapter 487 (manga)

Well I wasn't expecting that kisame would be hiding inside samehada :))... There it seems that Sasuke made up his mind on really killing Naruto... Well, lately I do expect Kabuto to be shown after the battle of Sasuke and Naruto and I was wrong, he showed up earlier than my expectation. Oh, well the more the merrier they say. I do think that Kabuto really needs new jutsu or higher level than that of Orochimaru so that the manga series would be better but I still want to retain some cool jutsus that Orochimaru had pulled of. ^^ I really do wonder how do the Akatsuki will pull of a war on the ninja world. Using all the 1-7 beast at once!? LOL! that would be fun! :))

The funny part was that Naruto fainted from having a poison from the kunai that hit him XD

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twilight Saga's: Eclipse Trailer

See the link for the 11 second trailer. Yeah, I'm a fan of this one and through it's movie, it made me (for the first time) to take a book a read it. The book is really better and I think that it would be hard for them to put each book in a 2hr movie because the book contains lots of information and it's longer compared to a 2hr movie. I had finished reading them all and maybe this would be my first and last novel to read. I do hope that it's not the last novel book though.



Have you ever wondered how would MCDONALD would be in serious mode? Well here it is.

Anime Fan

Well, as stated at my title I am a fan of anime, I do have interest on adventure, shonen types and etc. I am currently following Naruto Shippuuden manga every week. I am still a student (to let you know my circumstances). I'll be posting anime stuffs and maybe a little about what's happening on me or my life. Oh I forgot, I be posting something that is funny in my point of view.
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