Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sims 3: Twilight Saga: "Hoke House" or Cullen house based on the book

1st of all, this is my creation and not gathered from others.
The Cullen House based on book. Details gathered at

(+)1 bed @ Edward's room, fence and gates, garbage & giutar in replace for the grand piano.
(-) No: porch, basement, & grand piano.

Notes: The author at that site is probably somewhat confused on his North, East, West, and South. I am now waiting for Stephanie's release on her guide book so I can revise this draft. Pics Copyright by Me.

PS: WHY? Bec. I'm bored and I want to create one. Hope you like it! :)
Note: Please click 'continue' for more pics and click it to enlarge :D

The Sims 3 Cullen family

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